Fontaine Modification to Install eNow Solar Systems

Fontaine Modification Fleet Services now offers installation of solar panel systems from eNow Solar Energy Solutions, capable of powering certain systems on a heavy-duty truck.

Fontaine’s Statesville, North Carolina, location recently upfitted 26 sleeper tractors with the panels, which capture energy from the sun and are capable of producing 300 watts of electricity per day. The power can be used to charge the truck’s auxiliary batteries, which are then used to power HVAC systems, liftgates, refrigeration, telematics systems, and other auxiliary equipment.

The solar panels from eNow are flexible, lightweight, and thin, measuring only 1/8-inch thick. The panels are sealed to protect against ice, debris, corrosion, and extreme temperatures. Fontaine offers installation of eNow solar panels at all of its modification centers.

“The product is rugged, robust and suitable for the working environment,” said Jamil Young, president, Fontaine Modification Fleet Services. “The installation process is simple and straightforward, and we’re pleased to provide this service to customers at all eight of our locations.”

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