eNow Partners with K2 Capital Group LLC

“Pay as You Go” Program Allows Truck Fleets to Install eNow Solar PV Panels with No Upfront Cost

eNow, Inc., which specializes in solar-powered battery-charging and power management solutions, today announced that the company has partnered with K2 Capital Group LLC (“K2”) to provide over $100M annually in financing options for the trucking industry. The financing will allow fleet owners to secure flexible funding for solar and battery technologies that reduce operating costs as well as a fleet’s overall carbon footprint.

eNow technology harnesses the power of the sun to provide electricity to auxiliary batteries, which in turn power appliances such as auxiliary air conditioners – keeping truckers cool during sleeping hours and time spent at loading docks. Using auxiliary power to run A/C, computers and other critical equipment eliminates the costly problems of idling and high fuel cost, as well as the long-term costs of equipment maintenance and CO2 emissions.

The eNow Solar system is specifically designed to save fleets money. Under the K2 financing program, truck fleets can install eNow Solar PV Panels with no upfront cost and a “pay as you go” program. The fleet owner pays a small fixed monthly fee for the use of the hardware and begins to realize an immediate cost saving.

K2 provides eNow customers with 100% financing for eNow’s range of products. It is also designed to be flexible and customized to meet a customer’s particular needs and budgets. In addition, the commitment by K2 enables eNow to continue to develop and provide its customers and partners with the “Best of Class,” eco-friendly solar and battery technology.

“eNow is the sort of vendor partner we target: cutting edge technology, environmentally friendly, and a product offering which generates immediate cost saving for the customer,” said Steve Alpeter, COO of the K2 . “We at K2 Capital are excited to partner with eNow and the experienced team Jeff Flath has assembled. We aim for this program to generate in excess of $100 million annually in customer finance opportunities based upon the projected need for their solutions in the transportation sector over the next several years.”

“We are very pleased and proud to partner with K2 Capital Group,” said Jeff Flath, Founder and CEO of eNow. “With K2’s experienced, creative customer finance team and their proven administrative abilities, the eNow sales team can further incentivize our customers to not only take advantage of the immediate cost savings in our technology, but also essentially ‘pay as you go’ through K2’s unique, flexible financing options.”

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Fastlane on behalf of eNow
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