Sustainable America Invests in eNow

Reposted from Sustainable Blog, 9-19-14

As you may know, Sustainable America is on a crusade to get American drivers to stop idling their cars. But did you know that a large segment of the driving population in the United States has to idle to do their jobs properly? The 1.7 million truckers in the U.S. travel 256 million highway miles per day delivering the cargo and goods that we all consume. Yet they must take federally mandated breaks to rest and sleep and need HVAC to keep them cool or warm in their cabs in all kinds of weather.

What’s more, delivery trucks need to idle their engines to run their lift gates, refrigerated trucks need to idle to keep food from spoiling, and emergency vehicles need to run their flashing lights to keep us safe.

We’re proud to announce that we’ve just made an investment in one of these companies: eNow. eNow is a Rhode Island-based clean technology company that integrates thin-film solar panels and auxiliary power management systems into long-haul and delivery trucks, reducing the need for those trucks to idle their engines to power auxiliary functions.